Happy Jack’s Maple

Happy Jack’s Maple is a small family business that produces their own line of maple products tapped from trees grown in nearby Groton, New York. Jack initially engaged with Iron to help design a new label for his first maple syrup product bottle. As a small family business, Jack did not have a marketing budget, so together we developed a plan that could grow his brand as his sales grew. The first step: create a simple yet strong, gooey, syrup logo as the core of the new brand, to help him step out of the crowd of cookie-cutter regional maple syrup sellers.

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A brand That Sticks

Once the initial brand elements were established, Iron quickly applied the new design to all of the existing products – a total of 12 initial SKUs. Jack immediately saw an uptick in sales at his local farmers markets and farm stand outlets.

“The team at Iron are fantastic to work with. They are professional and can take ideas and make them a reality. I feel as though they are a part of our family business.”

Jack Powers, Founder of Happy Jack's Maple

Delivering Online Sales

But with new sales projections in hand, we knew it was imperative to move to ecommerce sales, so that Jack’s team would not have to rely solely on farmers markets and tourist events for sales. Retail outlets are very competitive for shelf space, and we knew this handsome boutique product would do well via online sales. Iron built a fresh, new ecommerce website to allow Jack to take advantage of markets outside his region, and help better tell the unique story of Jack and his family. This opened new doors, and immersed the Happy Jack team in the new world of product fulfillment.

Mouthwatering Photography

Warning: If you're already hungry, you may not want to scroll through these food shots of recipes inspired by Happy Jack's Maple.

Branded Social Assets

As the product line grew, so did sales, but we knew there was still untapped markets of foodies who would love this product. We undertook a scalable social media campaign to attract the international foodies who are drawn to boutique goods. This involved a full day photoshoot shot by the Iron team, on location with Jack’s family, friends, and neighbors, to capture a library of story-telling photos we’d need to role out the campaign.

Well-Managed Branding Yields Solid Growth

Since 2017, the brand has grown to 19 SKUs, and increased sales by 45%, so that today Jack has retired from his day job as a police officer, and can focus entirely on Happy Jack’s Maple.

Our on-going efforts are paying off. We’ve helped position these excellent-tasting products in a higher-priced category of boutique local goods, and the branding now conveys the quality, craftsmanship and character poured into every bottle.

Who wants waffles! Visit his site and get some delivered directly to your doorstep.

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