Phenix Automation

Phenix Automation is a supplier of industrial automation parts and services to US manufacturing companies of all sizes. Besides supplying the parts their clients need, quickly and accurately, one of their greatest strengths is customized consulting to help their clients trouble-shoot and problem-solve assembly line hiccups. The personal commitment of their team to their clients was a gem that few clients knew about. That’s why Phenix called Iron.

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Discovery and Strategy

We began digging into this project by working through our 2-hour Brand Discovery Process with the Phenix team, uncovering the key attributes that needed to be reflected in the new brand update. We then explored deeper market research to better understand the complexities of the automation parts industry, and find out how important fast and efficient parts ordering is to Phenix’s customers.

Designing a Flexibile Brand

Once we had uncovered their key differentiators, we developed a new brand identity and a companion set of icons that better represents the smooth and efficient flow of parts and services in the Phenix ordering and shipping system. The flexible X, a symbol of a complex assembly line, perfectly suits their process from beginning to end.

Revamped Website

Next up, designing the skin for their new website, an upgrade to fine-tune their ordering and checkout system. We worked with our development partners the Cyrus Company to develop the data-rich back-end, and implement all the design features to improve the ordering and delivery process, allowing the Phenix team to process orders and ship all over the world with their small shipping crew.

Fleshing Out the New X

Lastly, we developed a range of print collateral to help Phenix showcase their new brand at all audience touch points, from stationery to marketing brochures, event displays, and even delivery vehicles.

Visual Assets

To help tell the Phenix story, and with a limited budget, we identified relatable stock imagery that reflected the stress and precision of managing the assembly line each day. We specifically wanted to showcase humans involved in the care and orchestration of manufacturing, to reflect the personal service and attention that Phenix embodies in their customer service department. We wanted our target audience to see themselves in the Phenix brand materials.

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