The crew at Iron Design just conducted our first ever in-house market research study. Time to kick back, pop a bottle of wine, and relax. But before we do, let’s take a stroll down the wine aisle and better understand the decisions that we as consumers make while shopping for wine.

We asked over 150 wine drinkers to take this stroll with us, figuratively of course. We began by analyzing the typical mental decisions that are made before approaching the counter with ‘the one’. Decisions like red or white, domestically grown or imported, and price point. Often times these preliminary decisions leave us stuck holding two or three bottles. It’s at this very moment where winning and losing wine brands are made – the moment that determines whether a bottle will be spending the night in a fridge at home or collecting dust on a shelf with the others. So, what is the deciding factor in almost every one of these critical moments? You guessed it, the label; How it looks, how it feels, what information it provides, even how the name rolls off your tongue when answering the question “what’d ya get?”. These are the factors that come into play when consumers make their final wine purchase decision. If we are able to better understand these deciding factors and can thoughtfully incorporate that insight into our next wine label, we may just have a leg up on landing that coveted spot in the fridge.

Below is an infographic we’ve put together outlining our key findings and main takeaways. We hope you find these insights useful and are able to implement them into your next wine label design.