Packaging Competition Designs are Released

In June, we announced our position as finalists in a nation-wide packaging competition for Package Design Magazine.  Since then, our designs have been tweaked, discussed tweaked again, and submitted!

The wait to see all of the submissions was quite the drumroll, as we’re sure it was for you too!  To view our final designs, as well as the submissions on behalf of other finalists Damon Jackson and Turner Lee Consulting and Design follow the links below.  Oh, and vote for Iron!

Iron Design Submission

Damon Jackson Submission

Turner Lee Submission

Award-winning 2015

Hard work and creative thought pays off after all. Iron Design is proud to share with you the wonderful accomplishments 2015 brought us. Our self-promotional marketing campaign that both celebrates our 21st year — because its clearly more fun than turning 20 —  and kicks off our marketing outreach to New York’s brewery and distillery industry, is recognized as a gold winner for the International Graphis Design Annual Competition. This competition includes entries from thousands of the best design firms and individual designers from all over the world.  We’re so happy to sit among exceptional design figures on a global scale, as well as pinpoint Ithaca as a small-town, big-thinker community on the industry map.

In addition to the golden “G” (pictured above), we’re sharing celebratory clinks with our team at Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future for the Bronze 2015 International Business Award presented by Stevie Awards. Our 2014 Annual Report highlights the extraordinary people involved with the Center’s sustainable impact on the world through use of vivid photography, custom infographics, and a print production process that uses renewable energy and recycled materials.  Thank you to our team of collaborators: Mark Lawrence, Sheri Englund, and Lauren Chambliss, and all our photographers.