November Recap

November Recap


For the past 3 years we’ve had the privilege of branding Entrepreneurship at Cornell’s Summit, an inspiring all-day conference held in New York City’s Times Center. This event brings together the most relevant entrepreneurs of today who share their stories and give insight to hundreds of startups, investors, and busy bodies with brilliant ideas. With 2017’s Summit just behind us, it’s time to reset gears and start the countdown for next year!

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Ithaca Children’s Garden

After a two-year process, we were excited to help the Ithaca Children’s Garden design and install their new signage tower. Designed to allow for multiple signs to be installed and changed out frequently, the new system should allow for lots of visibility. We also helped to establish a signage standards system for interior signs that will be begin to pop up over the next few seasons.

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Happy Jack’s Maple Syrup

Exciting days are ahead for Happy Jack’s Maple Syrup. Ana continues efforts to develop the packaging for Jack’s growing line of products.

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Einaudi Forum

As the Mario Einaudi Center’s role at Cornell University evolves and expands, we continue to collaborate with them to strategize and design a unique digital forum space for their members. See our branding work for them here.

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Rockwell Roadhouse

Iron was pleased to help sponsor the October Rockwell Roadhouse where performers Anna Coogan and Willie B took the stage for an exciting, high-energy live music event right in the lobby of the Rockwell Museum. After holding a branding workshop last month for the Rockwell Museum’s team, we are excited to continue being a part of their next steps as they grow their brand.



Independent Study at Iron

Rachael is a senior at Ithaca College who is preparing her portfolio for graduation. Rachael has chosen to work with Iron for her independent study and we’re thrilled to provide her with ideas and advice here at the studio!


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